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Quit That...damn it.

Ghost Sex  
Wednesday, November  6, 2002 7:29:31 PM EDT

I mentioned this bizarre dream that I had the other day in a discussion on another blog and was asked by fellow blogger, Joie, if I would tell the tale. And so, in spite of its embarrasing nature, I decided that I should post it in the blog as it is an unusual dream, even for me - The Prince of Looney Dreams.

Let me preface this true story by saying that for some unknown reason, I tend to have genuinely bizzare dreams after eating sushi. I really don't know why, but I do. More specifically sashimi, because I don't like all that rice. Sometimes these dreams are so over the top wacky, that after I wake up, I force myself to recall as much as possible, just because they always seem so REAL while I was actually in the dream. The following dream-recall is a case in point. I had it just a couple of weeks ago.

Ghost Sex

I was walking alone down a city street, although it wasn't a city that I was familiar with. In fact, this city seemed like a place that hadn't changed since the fifties, except for an accumulation of grime over the years, which nobody bothered to clean up.

I was hungry and I stepped into what looked from the outside to be a chinese restaurant, but when I entered the place, it looked more like the inside of your basic suburban crackerbox house, with little rooms all around. There were people in all the rooms and they were eating, but it wasn't chinese food. It wasn't even a chinese restaurant, so I was puzzled by the deceptive ornamentation on the exterior.

An attractive young woman asked me if I would be dining alone and I said that I was - a table for one. She led me to a room that had other people in it and they were eating, but not at tables. The room was like a living room with couches and overstuffed chairs all around the room. Some people were even lounging on the floor. If you can imagine your living room at Christmas, with all the family gathered together in that tight little space, you've got an approximate idea of the scene.

I immediately noticed one girl, who appeared to also be alone, and who I also recognized right away. She had been my girlfriend (in real life) for a time many years ago. She was always a very striking woman and in this dream, she was no exception. She was beautiful. Of course, I went directly to her and said hello and asked what she was doing there. She said "I've been waiting for you". Again, I was puzzled because I had not seen this woman for several years and certainly didn't recall making a date with her.

I sat down and we began to recall old times and bring each other up to date on one another's lives. We ordered some forgettable fare from the menu and ate it during the course of our conversation. That much of the dream seemed completely normal I suppose and I was beginning to really enjoy the discussion until all of a sudden, she stood up and was completely naked! I'm still not sure how I missed that when I arrived. I would have sworn that she was fully clothed when I sat down beside her. At first, I thought she'd lost her mind and I immediately began to look around for something to cover her up with. It was then that I noticed that there was nobody else in the room! This was very odd, because it had been filled with people just moments ago. I looked at her and she was smiling at me with a very seductive gaze. Of course this aroused me somewhat, but I was still nervous about the rest of the people in the restaurant. I told her to wait there and I proceeded to go around this "house" only to discover that there was nobody there! Everyone that had been there just moments ago had suddenly vanished. As I made my way back to my appointed room, I decided that I indeed had a golden opportunity staring me in the face at this very moment. It didn't take long for me to decide to seize upon it. She was still there, in the room, now lying on a couch and looking even more alluring than before. Somehow, we skipped all of the normally necessary prerequisites that such an encounter would suggest, and I found myself suddenly having the most glorious sexual escapade of my life. We literally dangled from the chandeliers and came up with all kinds of new and unusual ways of "making love" and it lasted for hours on end (at that point I should have known it was a dream). We were both out of our minds with passion and pleasure and anything and everything was fair game for both parties. But then something very strange happened. An old woman came out of a room that was attached to the one we were in. As she entered our room, it appeared that she was coming from a bathroom, and she was finishing buttoning her blouse. She was wearing the same waittress uniform that the comely young woman who had been my hostess was wearing. I realized it was the same woman only much, much older. I was still in the middle of my new found athleticism and embarrassed for being caught in the situation. But I was not paying attention to my partner and was instead focused on the woman coming from the bathroom. She was smiling and looking at me as she approached us. She asked me, "Are you enjoying that?" . "Very much so" I responded, not knowing what else to say. "Who's your friend?", she then went on. I turned around to look at my partner and she was GONE! How could that be? I was, at that very moment, hanging on to her as this woman had approached. When I turned again to face the old woman, she was naked and I was stunned! She looked so, well...OLD. She started laughing very deviously and said "Well, I enjoyed it too darling, thanks for the memory!". I looked around the room once more in disbelief and when I turned to ask her what the hell had just happened, she was gone too, but I could still hear her laughing hysterically right next to me. It was about that moment that I woke up in a state of shock. After a few moments I thought's was only a dream!

Is there a psychoanalyst in the house?

Posted by: Marc  

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